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Hey everyone!

In my last journal, I stated that I was making a "creature" called the Muses, which are based off of the Greek Mythological beings. Well, it's time to put up all the information that I have on these little cuties!! There are also things that you MUST KNOW before you read this.

  1. These are a CLOSED CREATURE. Meaning, you CANNOT CREATE ONE YOURSELF!! Even if you have read the information, that doesn't give you the O.K to make one!!! You MUST come to me in order to have yours created. With the right information, and a plan figured out on how you will receive one, then, AND ONLY THEN, will you get your very own Muse. Failure to follow this major rule will result in EXTREME consequences. I WILL NOT TOLORATE STEALING OR PLADGERIZM!!!

  2. When you see the word “Spirit Trail”, it refers to the little tail-like thing attached to it. That is how the Muse travels. There is only one Muse that will have legs, and that will be revealed later on.

  3. Muses are small. Very small. From their head (not including their hair line) to their hips or where their thighs begin (basically, their butts) is about the same length from a person's jawline to their temple. Even pencils and pens are big to them.

  4. Muses are the artistic side of a person's soul ONLY. They are not for video gaming, or something to do with animals, or anything like that. The people that the Muses are attached to are called their “owners.”

  5. Each Muse has a specific percentage, depending on the talent and the type of Muse. The talent MUST be something that the owner excels at. When asking for a Muse, you need to try to show me proof of your talent. When it comes to some of the Muses, however, it may be difficult, unless you have videos of your talent. I am sad to say that I can't go purely on your word.

  6. If any words during this confuse you, please check out the picture of the Pure Muses: ari-uzumaki-elric.deviantart.c…

The name of the Muses have to start with the first letter of the first, middle, or last name of the owner's real name (no nicknames). Example: If you're initials are A.F.G, your Muse's name will either start with an A, a F, or a G. Also, their names must have a meaning, preferably something similar to their personality. Example: Gale means a strong wind. The Muse's personality is that she is strong hearted and bull headed at times, especially when she cannot help out with inspiration.

There are seven main types of Muses. Each Muse has a main trait, specific length or style of hair, and a style of Spirit Trail, as well as what makes them the specific Muse:


  • Main Trait: Big eyes

  • Hair: Long (past the butt)

  • Spirit Trail: Cloud-Like

  • Talents: Drawing (traditional or digitally), painting, sketching/ doodling (has to make a picture from it. You cannot consider doodling on homework or edges of paper your talent.), graphic design. Easier way to think about it, if you make something either two-dimensional or three-dimensional on a two-dimensional surface, you have an Art Muse.


  • Main Trait: They will always wear goggles, though they will sometimes wear gloves as well.

  • Hair: Short (No longer than shoulder length)

  • Spirit Trail: “Blocky”, with some “chips”

  • Talents: Sculpting, Glass blowing, Leather crafting, Fashion design, Forging, Architectural Design (making buildings, “home-made” interior design), Three-Dimensional printing. Basically, if you take something that is 2D or 3D and make it into something that is 3D, you have a Crafting Muse.


  • Main Trait: Uses a writing utensil as a staff (mechanical pencil, lead pencil, pen, quill, etc)

  • Hair: A braid (the size will depend on the percentage of the Muse. If pure or mostly a writing Muse, the entirety of their hair will be in a braid)

  • Spirit Trail: “Linear” (no attachments)

  • Talents: This Muse is pretty self-explanatory. Writing stories, poems, songs, or anything else with words, while making a story out of it.


  • Main Trait: Cooking utensil as a staff (tiny spatula, small wooden spoon, small whisk, etc)

  • Hair: Wavy (looks identical to heat)

  • Spirit Trail: “Swirly”

  • Talents: Another Muse that is self-explanatory. If you have a knack for cooking, baking, or anything else that is considered culinary, you have a Cooking Muse.


  • Main Trait: Elf-like ears

  • Hair: Medium length (about mid-back)

  • Spirit Trail: Flowy and has a bracket-like ending

  • Talents: Making music (the actual notes, not the words), singing, playing an instrument, or involvement in a choir, band, or orchestra. (Listening to music is not considered being a Music Muse, that is just liking music)


  • Main Trait: Has actual legs (but still has a Spirit Trail)

  • Hair: Always up (does not matter on the length of the hair)

  • Spirit Trail: “All-Over-The-Place”

  • Talents: Dancing, Plays. Basically, making a story or a picture with your entire body.

Like I stated before, each Muse has a certain percentage of a specific type. The only exception is if the Muse is Pure, meaning that the owner can only excel at one talent or type. Each Muse also starts out blank, both in color and looks, and when a person discovers their talent, the Muse will begin to take on the traits and look of the type. Once Muse's takes their shape, they can add specific traits based off of training or schooling in different types. The Muse will also take on a single color, with different parts of their body different shades of that color. See the pictures of the Muses for an example. Also, when the owner is feeling “off”, or is in a bad mood (sad, upset, sick, etc), the Muse will being to gray out, turning gray-scale.

There are only female Muses. Therefore, when two owners love each other, so do the Muses.

Each Muse carries a Trinket, which has the ability to pick up the creative energy in the world. They breath in the energy, then breath it out into their owner's ear in a way that they understand and translate, which gives them the creative inspiration.

These are the known Muses in the world thus far. As they are created, their information will be recorded with their picture. These are the ones so far:

Ren: ari-uzumaki-elric.deviantart.c…

Gale: ari-uzumaki-elric.deviantart.c…

Ling: ari-uzumaki-elric.deviantart.c…

Andrea: ari-uzumaki-elric.deviantart.c…


Nyx: ari-uzumaki-elric.deviantart.c…




How to get one? Easy. Just send me a note and we will discuss how to get one. Depending on available payment, you can get a Muse either from commissions, art trades, or points :) Again, just send me a note and we will talk about it.

  • Mood: Delighted

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