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Ariel Faida- quick ref by Ari-Uzumaki-Elric
Ariel Faida- quick ref
I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but I love this new girl! This is my OC for Zoophobia! 

Name: Ariel Faida ("angel of Nature" "whose wings are folded")
Age: Early to mid teens
Species: White dove harpy mixed with something unknown
Family: None (parents passed)
Talents: Singing, and some drawing and dancing
Personality: Very shy and quiet, doesn't really get noticed a lot
Likes: Damian, expressing her emotions through songs, lavender (color, scent, and flower)
Dislikes: Being alone, dark colors, bullies, her "other side"
Random info: Ariel has been alone for several years, and was recently sent to The Sanctuary when her life was in "Critical Danger". When she gets angry, her eyes glow ever so slightly. She wears earrings to keep that side in. She has a major crush on Damian, whom she has seen around the school, but hasn't really come in contact with him. She also speaks Japanese, and is sometimes caught singing in that language too.

I might flesh her out later :) Hope you like her!

Character and art: me
Zoophobia: :iconvivzmind:
Request by Ari-Uzumaki-Elric
Here is a request done for :iconhetaliaparisneko: She asked for her two characters Paris (the chibi human), and Sherbert Swirl (the pony). 

Sorry it took so long, hun! I hope you like it. 

Characters belong to: :iconhetaliaparisneko:
Art belongs to me
So much art to upload. So... BE PREPARED!!!
Holly- Fairy Pony OC by Ari-Uzumaki-Elric
Holly- Fairy Pony OC
Heeheehee I made a new character!

This is Holly. It belongs to the fairy pony group, and so far, the only one known of it's kind. Here's some information about this little creature:

Name: Holly
Age: Adult
Gender: Genderless, but prefers to be a female
Species: Fairy Pony
Type: American Holly Tree
Personality: Holly is quiet the majority of the time, leading others to think it's mute. Once it is around another that it trusts, it becomes a happy-go-lucky chatterbox. It enjoys the winter more than any other season, playing in the snow.
Apperance: It is white in color, with the traditional blue eyes and wood-brown legs. Holly's wings represent a frozen lake, shimmering and glistening in the sunlight. It's mane and tail have the same color and texture as a Holly leaf, and it adorns the same berries in the mane and tail, as well as around the neck and at the ends of it's antennae. 

Character: me
Hello, everyone!

As you guys know, I have been working on A LOT of art! Well. I also have been working on a Tumblr blog.

For those of you who have heard of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TTGL, or Gurren Lagann for short), I want to let you know that this blog is an OC based spinoff of that show :) There wont be any of the characters in the show, and I do not own TTGL. 

Please check it out and send me asks to help with the story! I will be updating weekly, even without asks. I hope you guys enjoy!
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